24 Hour Ambulatory ECG (Holter) Monitoring

We offer 24 Hour Ambulatory ECG (Holter) Monitoring services. This service involves wearing a number of patches on the skin attached to a tiny recording device which stores continuous heart rhythm recordings. These tracings are then analysed by our team and any abnormal slow or fast heart rhythms can be diagnosed.

Other Services

The team at Bond Cardiology is qualified to diagnose and treat a comprehensive range of adult heart issues.

General Cardiology

General Cardiology encompasses a range of issues related to your heart’s health.

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Interventional Cardiology

All interventional cardiology services are undertaken in a hospital.

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Cardiac Electrophysiology

The practice of cardiac electrophysiology involves diagnosing and treating issues with abnormal rhythms in your heart.

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Heart Failure

The approach to Heart failure has become a specialised area of Cardiology.

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Acute Cardiac Services Provided Through our Hospital Affiliations

A comprehensive range of hospital affiliations, primarily within the Eastern Health Hospital Network.

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